Team Beam

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Join Team Beam! A delivery of colour! Jump in with us and travel through all beampaints colours, and some surprises along the way! Choose from a single Paintstone or Trios, or let us surprise you with a Mystery Pack!  Thanks for supporting Indigenous female entrepreneurship and helping build our island economy in a sustainable way!!

We are now offering prepaid options on our subscriptions. You can choose  to prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months and there's a discount if you choose to pay ahead for your subscription. There's also a gift option, so you can put us on your gift list or choose to share the paint love with friends and family. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a recurring charge and your subscription won't automatically renew if you don't complete payment for this item on its own. Since it is a recurring charge through an app, discount codes will not apply. If you have a slow internet connection, wait a moment and make sure you have the icon to pay using BOLD checkout, and not our regular Shopify one, as this links you to our subscription service and gets it all set up so you can keep getting your paint! Thanks :)